Each of us persistently seeks fulfillment. This is because we experience an emptiness which cannot seem to be filled with the various physical 'things' we try to consume. No matter how wealthy, famous or surrounded with people we might be, our emptiness within persists.

This constant emptiness indicates we have a deeper need beyond this physical existence. Many of us, after realizing material consumption does not fulfill us, will begin a search for truth. During this search, we may be presented with various philosophical teachings or scientific theories which do not make sense to us.

What we are craving is the Truth.

Here are a few signs of Truth:
  • Truth makes sense to us.
  • Truth fits with our observable surroundings.
  • Truth is consistent with our inner notions of love, relationships and kindness.
  • Truth is not bought or sold.
  • Truth comes from within.
  • Truth is seen within nature.
  • Truth is consistent with scripture.
  • Truth is found with humility.

The Truth fits both practical everyday existence as well as from a scientific perspective. The Truth is the empirical position from which the reality is consistent with all that we see around us. The Truth is the understanding of reality the way it is, without sectarian dogma or group-joining. Truth is the explanation of who we are, where we come from and what is life from a position of empirical evidence and logic as well as observation and scriptural evidence.

The information contained within the linked websites and publications is the Truth. These are ancient teachings handed down over thousands of years from devoted teachers to humble students. These teachings contain no speculation or imaginative hyperbole.

Furthermore, these teachings do not come from any sectarian institution. There is no denomination, sect, or church seeking followers. This means there is no group to join. There are no dues. No donations are being sought. Downloadable books are free. The information provided is being passed on without an expectation of return.

The only requirement to understand these teachings is humility and sincerity, and the willingness to apply them within the heart to our personal life.

The facilitator providing this humbly hopes this information may be received with the love and mercy from which these teachings were handed down.